The Objectives of The Project
“Better Contrail Mitigation”

Atmospheric Humidity

Enhance the routine measurements
of atmospheric humidity at the
cruise altitude

Weather Prediction

Improve the treatment of ice
supersaturated regions in numerical
weather prediction models

AI Algorithms

Develop appropriate AI algorithms
for data assimilation, contrail
detection, contrails classification,
and uncertainties of contrail

Climate Optimization

Minimize cost impact when
implementing climate optimized

Non-CO2-based Measurement

Non-CO2-based Measurement
Develop and evaluate non-CO2-
based measures to be applied for
ATM strategies for climate impact

Result Exploitation

Dissemination and exploitation of
BeCoM results

Work Packages

In navigating the intricacies of BeCoM, understanding the essence of each Work Package is pivotal. These Work Package serve as a roadmap, offering a detailed glimpse into the diverse tasks and milestones that collectively shape the trajectory of our endeavor.





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Innovation meets collaboration…

Explore the diverse initiatives within the BeCoM framework, each contributing uniquely to our mission of advancing contrail mitigation research. Dive into the cluster projects, each a vital piece of
environmental sustainability

Hestia Project

HESTIA specifically focuses on
increasing the scientific
knowledge of the hydrogen-air
combustion of future
hydrogenfuelled aero-engines.

Overleaf Project

OVERLEAF aims to develop a game
changing Liquid Hydrogen (LH2)
storage tank to enable the transition
towards H2 -powered aviation.

Minimal Project

The MINIMAL project will contribute to a
radical transformation in air-transport by
providing technology that will  substantially reduce the climate impact of aviation

Matisse Project

MATISSE – a 36-month research project
funded by the European Commission
under the Horizon Europe programme –
explores smart multifunctional electrical
energy storage for hybrid electric aircraft

BeCoM will address the uncertainties related to the forecasting of persistent contrails and their weather-dependent individual radiative effects.


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