Overleaf Project

OVERLEAF aims to develop a game-changing Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) storage tank to enable the transition towards H2 -powered aviation. It will thus contribute towards the goals of the EU Green Deal by 2050 for the aviation sector.

Hestia Project

HESTIA - HydrogEn combuSTion In Aero engines is a research project focusing on increasing the scientific knowledge of the hydrogen-air combustion of future hydrogen- fuelled aero-engines.

Minimal Project

The MINIMAL project will contribute to a radical transformation in air-transport by providing technology that will, in collaboration with the aviation ecosystem, substantially reduce the climate impact of aviation

Matisse Project

MATISSE responds to the fourth bullet of the HORIZON-CL5-2021-D5-01-05 topic “expected outcome”, delivering improved aircraft technologies in the area of multifunctional structures capable of storing electrical energy for hybrid electric aircraft applications.

EFACA Project

EFACA project intends to promote an aviation sector more climate and environmentally friendly with the development of new technologies by using electric and hybrid thermoelectric propulsions and new sustainable fuels to replace fossil fuels.