Operational and New Measurements and Characterization

Participant: CNRS, Thales, DWD, DLR
WP Leader: CNRS

Cloud Physics & Weather Models & Assimilation

Participant: DWD, DLR, Thales, TUD
WP Leader: DWD

Evaluation of The Data and Model Prediction

Participant: Thales, CNRS, DLR, DWD, TUD
WP Leader: Thales

Climate Optimized Trajectories

Participant: TUD, Thales, DLR
WP Leader: TUD

Policy-Driven Flight Planning

Participant: DLR, Envisa, Thales, TUD
WP Leader: DLR

Dissemination and Exploitation

Participant: Envisa, TUD, DLR, ECATS, CNRS, DWD, Thales
WP Leader: Envisa


Participant: TUD, ECATS, Envisa, CNRS, DWD, Thales, DLR
WP Leader: TUD